COVID-19 Shipping Info

Some of our shipping times have been disrupted due to COVID-19. For the sake of transparency, we want to try and provide real time updates on any products that are delayed. 

First, we are still shipping tons of products with no delays. This includes all custom wooden maps, stickers, hats, patches, "screen printed tees" , flannels, sun shirts, and pullover hoodies. 

Products that ARE experiencing delays are items that we have a print shop handle for us. This includes full color printed tees, tank tops, and long sleeves which are estimated at 7-12 business days for production. Here is a link to any affected items: CLICK HERE - And HERE

We're hoping things get back to normal soon, but we will keep you up to date! This is not the norm for us. Thank you all so much for all of your support, and stay safe! 


All the best,



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