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Trust No Trout - Beer Stein

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Product Details

The Stein.

Room for 22 oz's of frothy nectar. Gold trim at the top and bottom. Cool in the dishwasher. Not cool in the microwave. 


Trust No Trout.  

Coveted as a beautiful fish, trout spend most of their days gracefully swimming into the current waiting for their next meal. If that next meal is your fly, prepare to meet it's unapologetic miscreant alter ego. This fish is now determined to ruin your day by snapping your line, rod, or perhaps by leading you on a journey downstream through water currents that make you fear for your well-being. These unsavory characters are what draw most of us to the water, and keep us coming back. Satire aside, trout, we salute you.

Designed by our buddy KC Badger

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